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Is Quadency Secure?

The Quadency smart terminal is secure by design.

Quadency users can set up trades and bot automations at their favorite exchanges via API encryption. This means their funds can’t leave the exchanges and their log-in details cannot be compromised.

The Quadency team goes to extreme measures to keep user data and assets safe. Each product integration undergoes rigorous testing prior to deployment. Quadency’s smart terminal uses top industry-testing processes that ensure total compliance with cybersecurity reliability standards.

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Quadency Data Security: Best Practices

Quadency uses world-class standards and protocols to shield user data from unauthorized intrusion.

256-Bit Encryption

Multiple layers of 256-bit encryption protect user data and API keys.

HSTS Protocol

HSTS protocol and TLS connections prevent man-in-the-middle attacks.

AWS Security

AWS physical security and firewall defend against DDoS attacks.

Rate Limits

Rate limits and ReCaptcha thwart brute-force and automated scripting attacks.

OWASP Testing

Pen-testing of applications and infrastructure conducted as per OWASP.

Safety Steps
for Quadency Users

At Quadency, we use every opportunity to communicate the importance of security to our users through in-app guidance and recommendations:

  • Strong passwords are required and we recommend users never reuse their password.

  • We recommend users backup their API keys in cold storage, away from chats & the cloud.

  • Users are guided to generate their exchange API keys with limited permissions.

  • Two factor authentication (2FA) is available and recommended for all user accounts.

Quadency’s Security Pledge

Quadency has been an industry leader in safe API trading and automations for crypto markets since 2018.

With an unwavering commitment to security, Quadency will continue to prioritize a safe crypto trading experience utilizing industry-best security practices.


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