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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the new Referral Program launching?
Is there a whitepaper?
Which wallets can I use to hodl QUAD?
What exchanges can I trade QUAD on?
What countries is QUAD available in?
Can I trade on any DEXs from Quadency?
Will trading be enabled for any exchanges currently available only for portfolio monitoring?
When will partner offer details be released?
When will margin and futures account access be enabled?
I don't see my exchange listed. Which other exchanges will be supported?
Will QUAD still provide discounted trading access?
How much will it cost with the new fee structure?
Which exchanges can I use Quadency free with?
How long will Quadency be free to use?
Are there specific actions for the commissions?
How do I access my Ambassador Perks?
Is there a cap on how much I can earn?
Can I advertise on behalf of Quadency?
Is my region supported?
What are the fees?
Which assets are supported?
Where will I receive my airdrop?
When will I receive my airdrop?
How to claim my QUAD Airdrop?
Am I eligible for the QUAD Airdrop?
How fees are paid?
Which regions are supported?
Can I use QUAD access higher tiers or pay for fees?
Which trading volume is considered for the tiers?
How often do I get a reward payout?
Where can I track my referrals?
Where will my payment be sent?
Is there a cap on how much I can earn?
Can I apply to become an Affiliate directly?
Looking for Quadency Pro or Unlimited?
Is streaming data available?
How much does it cost?
How do I get my API keys?
Do you provide volume-weighted average prices?
Are there any rate-limits?
How does Quadency work?
What bots can I choose?
Which exchanges are supported?
How much does it cost?
How secure is the platform?

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