About Quadency

We launched in 2018 with a vision to make advanced crypto trading solutions accessible to the average trader.

With Quadency, in a few clicks almost anyone can adopt and install automated crypto trading strategies that work. Whether you are a beginner wanting to day trade, or if your hedge fund is interested in generating Alpha through sophisticated high-frequency strategies, we know the language.

About Us

Quadency’s Goals

From the beginning, Quadency has laser focused on building easy-to-use trading and portfolio management tools for crypto traders of any skill level. From making a simple buy to setting up advanced trading strategies, Quadency traders can confidently manage and grow their digital wealth across their favorite exchanges and wallets.


Make Crypto Accessible To All


Simplify Advanced Trading Tools


Unify The Crypto Trading Experience

Current Traction

The Quadency team has designed, tested, and rolled out 15 automation strategies that benefit our fast-growing, global user base. Our trading tools and bots make it easy for traders to manage their digital assets across 13 integrated exchanges and wallets, adding value and precision to the crypto trading experience.


Traded Globally


Wallets Connected


Trading Bots Launched


Exchange Integrations


Countries Engaged

Leadership Team

Rosh Singh

CEO & Co-Founder

Manish Kataria

President & Co-Founder

Viral Tolat

Board Member & Advisor

Chris Outram

Infrastructure & DevOps

Mary Thibodeau


Marco Giron

Customer Success

Isaac Brillo

Customer Success

Dr. Viral Tolat

Strategic Advisor

Tony Tran

Technical Advisor & Co-Founder


We’re Hiring!

Interested in helping shape the future of finance? Join us on our mission to make investing easier for everyone with the next generation of trading tools and technologies.

Senior Full
Stack Engineer
Crypto Algo Trader/Engineer
Support Engineer
Associate Product Manager

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