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Jul 21, 2023
SEC accepts Blackrock ETF, $54M Metaverse Series A and $2.32B crypto investment.

SEC accepts Blackrock Bitcoin fund, $54M crypto Series A funding raise and Blockchain $2.32B total investment in Q2

Jul 7, 2023
BTC futures vol hit $38B, Defi platforms secure $20B ETH, SOL rallies 50%

Bitcoin options futures vol hit $38B, Defi platforms liquid staking secure $20B ETH, SOL rallies 50%

Jun 23, 2023
BlackRock eyes BTC ETF, 3AC’s Sotheby NFT’s and Grayscale reaches 23’ highs

Investment fund giants file for BTC ETF, three arrows capital NFT’s and Grayscale close to all time highs

Jun 16, 2023
Tethers $1B USDT mint, $28M digital structured notes and $70.8M BTC from Miners.

USDT billion dollar Tether mint, Chinese bank $28M structured notes and miners of BTC send $70.8M worth of BTC to CEX’s

Jun 9, 2023
$COIN and Binance regulation, USDT ATH and XRP Ledger wallet

$COIN and Binance make top news, Tether reaches $83.2B and ripple’s ledger wallet

Jun 2, 2023
Ordinals hits 10M inscriptions, Reddit onboards 10M NFT users and Tether enters mining.

BTC NFTs achieve 10M inscriptions, social media platform reddit onboards 10M wallets and Tether mines BTC

May 26, 2023
Sol foundation shows belief in blockchain with AI, Tenet team with CFX and Elon warns about Doge

Sol foundation pledge millions to blockchain and AI projects, Tenet partners with CFX and Twitter CEO warns against Doge.

May 19, 2023
Peter Thiel backs crypto startup, XRP acquisitions and BNB Chain Dex Volumes

Peter Thiel backs crypto startup river, XRP acquires custody firm for a quarter billion and BNB chain hits year-high

May 12, 2023
Microsoft and Goldman join blockchain network, Aave deploys on L2 and China’s supreme court on crypto

Tech unicorns and investment banks join blockchain, Aave DAO deploys on Ethereum Layer 2, while China supreme court approves crypto for debt paym

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