Get more from your crypto trading

QUAD Token gives you a premium trading experience at even lower costs.

Built for Traders

The convenience of DeFi & CeFi together in the same sleek trading experience you’ve come to love – at even lower costs, thanks to QUAD.

What is QUAD Token?

QUAD is the native token of the Quadency ecosystem, designed for active crypto traders. It represents the next generation of platform utility, offering much lower trading costs, enhanced platform features, and the future of community governance rights to Quadency users.

Benefits of using QUAD

Trading Discounts

Quad unlocks low-fee trading for bot trading, smart order trades on QUADX and manual trades on connected accounts in the multi-exchange terminal.  

Earn Rewards

All QUAD held in your Quadency account automatically qualifies for our community rewards program and earns you up to 30% APY with daily payouts.

Liquidity Incentives

Providing liquidity on Uniswap can earn you a share of 100,000+ QUAD weekly, while also improving market liquidity and reducing slippage for all QUAD traders.

Next-Gen Governance

Quadency is built for its users, you’ll soon be able to propose and vote on new platform features, bots and QUADX listings.

Token Economics

Designed with usability first and long-term vested interest in mind.

Reserve Allocation

The Reserve Allocation of the QUAD Token includes: Operations, Marketing, Ecosystem, Development and Bug Bounties.

Network Incentives

To reward participants of the QUAD ecosystem, network incentives will go towards rewards for: Staking, Airdrop, Competitions, Liquidity and Referrals programs.

Supply Schedule

Quadency is also proud to earmark 1% of the Reserve for long term charitable giving and grants to expand the ecosystem.

Token Sale Vesting

The design of Quadency’s QUAD token ensures a fair system of distribution, vested interest by the team, and long-term stability for all stakeholders.

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